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Roadmap December 2019 Issue

Let's Think in Numbers

From the questions and observations we are exposed to on the field on a day to day basis, we sometimes get the impression that the sheer effect of fuel theft is not well understood by all of the stakeholders of these sectors, or perhaps they have not sat down with a calculator to reflect on the implications of unprotected diesel.

We have therefore decided to dedicate this month's ROADMAP 06  article to a very pragmatic summary which can cast light on the ever debated issue of convenience behind investing in an area which has never been a concern for many, but given the figures, should be.

Take some time to check out our article in ROADMAP 06, December, 2019 issue.


Bydgoszcz, June 14, 2019

After a year's break, Autos Truck Day returns to the calendar of events in the truck industry.

It will be a comeback in a big way!


This year's fair will be held on Friday, June 14. From the beginning, the event has been fully devoted to the truck industry.

Autos Truck Day 2019


Autos customers will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest range of the largest brands of commercial vehicle parts and the new workshop offer. The most important change will be the location. The whole event has so far been held at the Autos Headquarters in Solec Kujawski, this year it will be a completely new place. We invite our clients and exhibitors to the Bydgoszcz Trade Fair and Exhibition Center.


BCTW is a modern facility with over 16,000 sq m of usable space and almost 11,000 sq m of exhibition space with the option of dividing it into three independent segments. All exhibitors presenting their offer during Autos Truck Day, which this year is already close to 90, that is more than in 2017, will fit into such space. Among the exhibitors there were many European and global brands. Soon, a website dedicated to the 8th Autos Truck Day will be launched.


During the 8th edition of Autos Truck Day, we will present you with a wide range of suppliers, whose range is available in the Autos network, including workshop equipment. In addition to the very extensive ATD trade fair, it also includes integration, a lot of attractions, and at the end of the tradition, the artistic part ended with a great concert. The invitation for this year's Autos Truck Day in May will be available at the Autos network branches


From January 16 to 19, 2019, we welcome you to our booth at AutoZUM 2019 in Salzburg, Austria

Come visit us at AutoZUM for our official debut in Austria.

AutoZum 2019 - The automotive industry gathering

Once every two years the AutoZum presents a unique range of products from automobile parts, workshop, garage and fuel station facilities, car washing technology, to accessories and tuning goods; and provides perfect conditions for setting up business deals, cultivating contacts and networking. For over 40 years this show has served markets far beyond the borders of Austria. It is the leading trade fair for automotive products and the most important commercial gathering for the automotive after sales industry. Salzburg is the ideal location, and the expo centre is the perfect venue due to its ultra-modern trade fair complex and central position at the hub of the central European road, rail and aviation network.


From November 8 to 11, 2018, we are with our partners JWON at KOREA TRUCK SHOW 2018

Come visit us at the Korea Truck Show for our official debut in Korea through our trade partners JWON CST
JWON CST Co., Ltd17015, 1-dong, 403-ho, Ace Dongbaek Tower, 16-4, Dongbaekjungang-ro 16 beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel.: +82 7047399006


From October 18 to 21, 2018, we are with our partners NELAS at AUTOMOTIVE EXPO in Bulgaria

Our show program continues with AUTOMOTIVE EXPO in Sofia.  We are exhibiting with our partners NELAS and our range can be seen in Hall 3 at booth A4.
Nelas Auto Parts is the largest Heavy Duty automotive parts company in the Republic of Bulgaria. The company is an importer and distributor of commercial vehicles spare parts and lubricants, operating mainly as a wholesaler. In 2009 the Nelas Auto Parts became a member of GROUPAUTO INTERNATIONAL which is a leading, strategic organization and future-oriented partner for the automotive aftermarket industry. GROUPAUTO INTERNATIONAL members are from the leading automotive aftermarket companies in Europe and all of the world.
Founded in 1995, Nelas Auto Parts is the country’s market leader with 7 branches in 6 of the major cities. Our central headquarter are in the capital Sofia.
The company offers the most extensive range of parts and components for Heavy Duty Vehicles. Parts for engine, suspension, steering, electric system, drivetrain and much more are constantly available.
Nelas Auto Parts is preferred choice of the Bulgarian professionals for commercial vehicles spare parts as well.


Hannover, September 28, 2018

As we watch our booth being broken down we start summing it all up. These walls, this almost monumental set which has been our stage for the last 10 days slowly transforms from architecture to cargo as the automotive industry's equivalent of a rock concert passes of state from a high frequency vibration to a slow oscillation at the end of which the Hannover Messe will seem a bare shell, ready for the next spectacle. 
This is IAA 2018: 10 days of meetings, new products, broadening networks, long awaited confirmations, and answers to all of those questions which we thought we knew the answers to, but often discovered we didn't! This edition of IAA saw a very focused interest in the entire GENESIS product range.  Our time tested Kockon anti siphon devices prove to be still in line with the needs of operators worldwide, while the current updated versions from the Mach II range continue to surprise our public through their new modular configurations, always up to the task no matter how articulated the specific need is.  Fuel Controller once again earns the praise of a very demanding market where software and information technology merge with hardware, in our TELEMATIC CONVERGENCE program.  A particular surprise comes from our Fuel Teller Software and the add ons designed for ZIPPER smart fuel caps, dedicated to smaller operators who need simple, transpartent solution that provide quality information on their transport operations, to help them tackle the future with confidence and a certain degree of predictability.  These solutions received the desired confirmations to testify their relevance, thanks to the quality feedback we were able to gather during the entire duration of the show.
We therefore thank all of our visitors and invite you to keep your eye on this space as our immagination becomes reality thanks to your help and continued support. 
See you in 2020, a new future to be forged!

GENESIS consolidates a postion in social Media land!

With IAA 2018, GENESIS makes it's mark on social media by adding LINKEDIN and INSTAGRAM to the longstanding YOUTUBE channel.

After years of YOUTUBE as a resource to help installers and customers on the field with some of the most common aspects of installation of our products, Genesis has decided to consolidate a position in social media with a broader program in mind.  Since the onset of our flagship "Classic" product, the Kockòn, the recognition of our product through a mere visual design standpoint has become a major asset and foundation stone to our brand, so we have chosen to expand our social media presence to platforms such as Instagram, where an image says a thousand words, which in our case, tend to be words which are readily related to our brand identity.  From September 21st, during the IAA show in Hannover, remember to check our profiles and LIKE it if you LIKE it a LOT!

Don't forget to check

From September 20th, our new website debuts at the usual URL

With IAA, our new website fires up with the intent of giving trade operators and end users a set of valid tools in understanding how our product proposition nests into the opportunity of fuel protection and management.  A true portal where our knowledge can be shared is the format we have chosen for this edition of our website.  A place where market appeal and technical specification co-exist.  A place where features are made clear with text and images and clear visual coding.  A place where casual navigation is possible, yet leaving space to functional shortcuts where just a few clicks will lead specialists to the right combination of products for each circumstance.
This, however, is only the start, because we're already "baking" further utilities which aim at helping our audience clear apparently complex circumstances with a minimum effort.  These utilities will be published as we move forward, and updates are promised, not only on the product proposition, but also on the way it's best presented and proposed, to make your ventures with our products a more successful proposition.
With IAA in the pipeline, I guess we could use an analogy and say: "Surf's up"... so let's go surf

Ultimate fuel protection with Genesis at the 2018 IAA show Hannover.

IAA, the place where our hard work finally see the light of day

The Genesis team looks forward to seeing you at our IAA booth, located in Hall 26, booth E18, where we will be showcasing our complete offering, including new product highlights for 2017 and 2018.  New needs are addressed by innovative solutions where new materials and manufacturing process meet to bring you one step closer to effective and ultimate fuel protection.  Improved and effective mechanical and electronic solutions are packed into full featured devices which are compatible with a broad range of vehicle brands and types.
At Genesis, Fuel Protection has just become ULTIMATE FUEL PROTECTION  and we'll be at IAA 2018 to show you!

Show dates: 20/9-27/9 - 09:00-18:00

NUFAM - trade fair for commercial vehicles

We attended the NUFAM Exhibition in Karlsruhe, Germany, where we were represented by WPK,  the Company in charge of Genesis distribution for the German market.
We featured our state of the art Genesis product program and its advanced systems to protect and prevent fuel thefts.

Thanks to all our Visitors!

Karlsruhe, Germany 28th September - 1st October 2017


Opening New Markets

We attended the NACV Exhibition in Atlanta, USA, where we were represented by GIN-COR INDUSTRIES, the Company in charge of Genesis distribution for the North American market.

We featured our state of the art Genesis product program and its advanced systems to protect and prevent fuel thefts.

Thanks to all our Visitors!

Atlanta 25-29 settembre 2017

TRANSPOTEC LOGITEC 2017 - Verona (Italy)

The Genesis Range and the Genesis Team, all in one place !

This event, organized by Fiera Milano and focusing on transport and logistics, is the leading exhibition in Italy offering products, solutions and effective answers to all the trade professionals in the sector.

Transpotec Logitec 2017 is the most important show in 2017 in terms of presenting offerings of products, services and solutions to a highly qualified audience.

GENESIS has been represented by AAISTER,  the company in charge of distribution for the Italian market.

TRANSPOTEC LOGITEC Verona (Italy), 22 23 24 25 February 2017.