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Control Systems and Integration

Precision without the need to modify your tank

High-precision fuel sensor that is easily installed, and more importantly, does not require structural nor
electrical modifications since it simply replaces the vehicle’s original sensor. Installation is quickly reversible should the vehicle be required
to return to its original condition. The FUEL CONTROLLER sensor is mechanically identical to most original sensors, in that it
provides fuel suction and return functions just like the original, but it adopts a measurement system with resolutions often hundreds
of times higher than the original sensors’, measuring along it’s entire length from the first to the very last millimeter, no dead spots.
The dedicated FUEL CONTROLLER Sensors read temperature as well as inclination, so eventual changes in volume can be better
understood by data aggregation.

FUEL CONTROLLER sensors use a dedicated electronic control unit, the Data Hub.

FCS Sensor specifications
8 Bit CPU | Technology: capacitive sensor based on the dielectric constant of automotive diesel (standard diesel currently in use) | Resolution: 10 bits
(1024 points) | Completely static | Operating temperature from -40 to + 85°C | No dead spots, reading over its entire length | Available with standard
fittings for major vehicle brands | Temperature Sensor | Motion sensor / accelerometer