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Criando o Futuro


Engenharia eficaz ao serviço da eficiencia. E o mantra o qual a genesis opera com dedicaçao para promover soliucoes efetivas de engenharia respeitando a segurança das operacoes e aos seus operadores, onde os veiculos pesados e maquinario de trabalho estao envolvidos.

Roadmap December 2019 Issue

Let's Think in Numbers

From the questions and observations we are exposed to on the field on a day to day basis, we sometimes get the impression that the sheer effect of fuel theft is not well understood by all of the stakeholders of these sectors, or perhaps they have not sat down with a calculator to reflect on the implications of unprotected diesel.

We have therefore decided to dedicate this month's ROADMAP 06  article to a very pragmatic summary which can cast light on the ever debated issue of convenience behind investing in an area which has never been a concern for many, but given the figures, should be.

Take some time to check out our article in ROADMAP 06, December, 2019 issue.

Qual é a receita para o gerenciamento e proteção adequados de combustível?

Na edição atual do ROADMAP, compartilhamos algumas das nossas experiências sobre a verdade incômoda do roubo de combustível

When we started operating in this business, we ran an informal survey involving a number of Central European companies running diesel operated fleets as part of our investigative marketing activity aimed at understanding the true nature of the needs of this sector. Our curiosity then focussed only fuel theft as the primary inefficiency involving fuel in vehicle based operations, driving behavior was still far from our core concern so it was not considered. Despite the relatively limited geographic scope of the exercise, one must consider that the period in which our survey took place, the cost of fuel had reached a historic high in absolute terms as well as relative to all the other costs sustained by the fleet, so our assumption was that fuel theft, as a consequence, may have also have reached higher levels. Our findings revealed figures which gravitated somewhere between 3 and 5% of fuel loss due to mis-appropriation only considering medium sized freight and logistics companies. A figure which as a mere percentage does not sound alarm bells in the mind of many, but which, converted into hard currency value, reveals figures which would make most fleet operators re-think their policy regarding the effective use of fuel.
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LagoGENESIS Achieves ISO 9001 Certification

We are committed to meet the high expectations of our business partners worldwide

Bassano del Grappa August 19th, 2019

Since our establishment as an independent business entity in 2017, after almost a decade of residency as an embedded business unit within the Lago mother company, we have made the most of this “new start” to work meticulously in establishing business processes which comply with the rigorous standards  enforced by the ISO certification.

ISO9001 is the world’s most widely recognized quality management standard, enforcement of which helps companies like ours meet the expectations and needs of their customers.  After having designed and implemented state of the art business processes which span the entire spectrum of our organization, LagoGENESIS was subjected to a rigorous audit process aimed at confirming the effectiveness and reliability of such stated processes.  

By achieving this level of certification which encompasses our entire organization, we continue to demonstrate our desire and ability to effectively provide a quality management system which, together with our product proposition, is designed to continuously improve, including all of the stated and implicit service constituents which come into play when dealing with our products.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to our partners: our customer base, our consultants and to the members of our entire supply chain for their continued commitment and undisputed loyalty.  LagoGENESIS will strive to exceed their high expectations by focusing on quality, innovation and relevance to the market context, in the declared intent of bringing business to new heights in the months and years to come.

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Bydgoszcz, June 14, 2019

After a year's break, Autos Truck Day returns to the calendar of events in the truck industry.

It will be a comeback in a big way!


This year's fair will be held on Friday, June 14. From the beginning, the event has been fully devoted to the truck industry.

Autos Truck Day 2019


Autos customers will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest range of the largest brands of commercial vehicle parts and the new workshop offer. The most important change will be the location. The whole event has so far been held at the Autos Headquarters in Solec Kujawski, this year it will be a completely new place. We invite our clients and exhibitors to the Bydgoszcz Trade Fair and Exhibition Center.


BCTW is a modern facility with over 16,000 sq m of usable space and almost 11,000 sq m of exhibition space with the option of dividing it into three independent segments. All exhibitors presenting their offer during Autos Truck Day, which this year is already close to 90, that is more than in 2017, will fit into such space. Among the exhibitors there were many European and global brands. Soon, a website dedicated to the 8th Autos Truck Day will be launched.


During the 8th edition of Autos Truck Day, we will present you with a wide range of suppliers, whose range is available in the Autos network, including workshop equipment. In addition to the very extensive ATD trade fair, it also includes integration, a lot of attractions, and at the end of the tradition, the artistic part ended with a great concert. The invitation for this year's Autos Truck Day in May will be available at the Autos network branches