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Forgiando il Futuro




Hannover, September 28, 2018

As we watch our booth being broken down we start summing it all up. These walls, this almost monumental set which has been our stage for the last 10 days slowly transforms from architecture to cargo as the automotive industry's equivalent of a rock concert passes of state from a high frequency vibration to a slow oscillation at the end of which the Hannover Messe will seem a bare shell, ready for the next spectacle. 
This is IAA 2018: 10 days of meetings, new products, broadening networks, long awaited confirmations, and answers to all of those questions which we thought we knew the answers to, but often discovered we didn't! This edition of IAA saw a very focused interest in the entire GENESIS product range.  Our time tested Kockon anti siphon devices prove to be still in line with the needs of operators worldwide, while the current updated versions from the Mach II range continue to surprise our public through their new modular configurations, always up to the task no matter how articulated the specific need is.  Fuel Controller once again earns the praise of a very demanding market where software and information technology merge with hardware, in our TELEMATIC CONVERGENCE program.  A particular surprise comes from our Fuel Teller Software and the add ons designed for ZIPPER smart fuel caps, dedicated to smaller operators who need simple, transpartent solution that provide quality information on their transport operations, to help them tackle the future with confidence and a certain degree of predictability.  These solutions received the desired confirmations to testify their relevance, thanks to the quality feedback we were able to gather during the entire duration of the show.
We therefore thank all of our visitors and invite you to keep your eye on this space as our immagination becomes reality thanks to your help and continued support. 
See you in 2020, a new future to be forged!

GENESIS consolida una posizione nei "social"

In occasione di IAA 2018, GENESIS lascia un segno sui social aggiungendo una pagina LINKEDIN e profili INSTAGRAM al già presente canale YOUTUBE

After years of YOUTUBE as a resource to help installers and customers on the field with some of the most common aspects of installation of our products, Genesis has decided to consolidate a position in social media with a broader program in mind.  Since the onset of our flagship "Classic" product, the Kockòn, the recognition of our product through a mere visual design standpoint has become a major asset and foundation stone to our brand, so we have chosen to expand our social media presence to platforms such as Instagram, where an image says a thousand words, which in our case, tend to be words which are readily related to our brand identity.  From September 21st, during the IAA show in Hannover, remember to check our profiles and LIKE it if you LIKE it a LOT!

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INSTAGRAM - theinternetoftrucks
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INSTAGRAM - genesiskockon

E' pubblicato il nostro nuovo catalogo prodotti 2018

La Gamma GENESIS vista da punti di vista diversi, una storia dove abbiamo tutti molto da imparare

Our new product catalogue is out!  We've grouped our entire proposition under the one document, using what we've learned from the various players in the market place to show our product under different lights, according to each point of view we've been exposed to.  From this approach we've invented new names for our product programs, which depend largely on which combination of elements is used in one's quest to protect and manage fuel, names such as TELEMATIC CONVERGENCE, THE INTERNET OF TRUCKS, TRANSFORM-ABLE and so on.  These commercial groupings of product address the various points of view which exist in the marketplace, be it protection of fuel or management of fuel at stake, as well as the precise positioning of the interested party  within the value chain of the vast world of transportation, logistics, or other operation where fuel is of the essence.
The concept of product groupings which are designed to create suitable hardware bundles for each requirement, is even further explored in our brand new website where the interctive nature of the tool allows dynamic display of information.  We hope you find these tools useful in your quest to equip your fleet or help others in their quest. 

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Dal 20 Settembre, debutterà il nostro nuovo sito web al solito URL

With IAA, our new website fires up with the intent of giving trade operators and end users a set of valid tools in understanding how our product proposition nests into the opportunity of fuel protection and management.  A true portal where our knowledge can be shared is the format we have chosen for this edition of our website.  A place where market appeal and technical specification co-exist.  A place where features are made clear with text and images and clear visual coding.  A place where casual navigation is possible, yet leaving space to functional shortcuts where just a few clicks will lead specialists to the right combination of products for each circumstance.
This, however, is only the start, because we're already "baking" further utilities which aim at helping our audience clear apparently complex circumstances with a minimum effort.  These utilities will be published as we move forward, and updates are promised, not only on the product proposition, but also on the way it's best presented and proposed, to make your ventures with our products a more successful proposition.
With IAA in the pipeline, I guess we could use an analogy and say: "Surf's up"... so let's go surf

IAA 2018 Are you ready for our IOT?

IAA 2018 Countdown

Bassano del Grappa, September 2018
IAA 2018 is just around the corner and it seems like yesterday that we were preparing for the 2016 edition, but this year there is so much more we can talk about, su much more to show, so much more in terms of opportunity in addressing the continuing plight of high fuel prices which erodes the competitively of transport operations world wide.
At IAA, the interested visitor will be able to monitor the continuing development of the battle-horse program of mechanical fuel protection launched over 10 years ago by Genesis: the Kockòn range.  
New vehicles stemming from new markets have given origin to a host of new products which do what they have always done, but on different vehicular platforms, now touching different sectors such as work machinery, busses, refrigerated trailers, commercial vehicles and any other realm where "diesel power” is the essence.
Furthermore, modular platforms have extended to each model, providing specific options to be adopted, regardless of the type, brand or nature of the vehicle being protected.
This year, at IAA, the teaser which Genesis launched in 2016 under the name of Telematic Convergence, materializes under the form of IOT, The internet of Trucks!
GENESIS IOT denotes a scenario where products are designed to converge with what is already out there in terms of technology, platforms and protocols. The GENESIS approach is that of enhancing what is already present on trucks rather than creating obsolescence aimed at equipment substitution. Not only has this proven a more responsible and sustainable approach to stimulating progress in broader terms, but also a more specifically convenient avenue for operators who wish to keep their equipment up to date without having to start from scratch each time.
The constant challenge imposed by a mutating context and the pains associated with having to c  onstantly update valuable equipment on board of heavy vehicles is, through this approach, attenuated by hardware which piggy backs with third party equipment, creating common grounds where resources and infrastructure are shared and optimized on the basis of their singular merits.
When it comes to fuel, GENESIS has it covered!
The combined potential which results from said integrations then constitutes the unique effectiveness which can be tailored to each individual need.
Genesis Invites you to experience the INTERNET OF TRUCKS at IAA in Hannover from September 20 to 27 at Hall 26 Booth E-18.

For Press enquiries

La protezione carburante Genesis che va oltre gli standard a IAA 2018 Hannover.

Il team Genesis non vede l’ora di accogliervi allo stand E18, presso il padiglione 26, in occasione di IAA 2018, Hannover. Verranno presentati in esclusiva, insieme all’offerta completa di prodotto, tutti gli highlights 2017 - 2018;  nuove soluzioni che rispondono a richieste sempre più esigenti, coniugando materiali e processi produttivi all’avanguardia. Ingegno meccanico ed elettronico si coniugano in dispositivi super accessoriati compatibili con veicoli di ogni tipologia e marchio.  
In Genesis, la protezione del carburante è diventata assoluta, in IAA scoprirete perché.

Orari di Apertura: 20/9-27/9 - 09:00-18:00
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Telematic Convergence I.O.T
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Transform-able Aggiornare vs. Sostituire
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IAA 2018, UN SUCCESSO. GRAZIE A TUTTA LA NOSTRA RETE! Hannover, September 28, 2018
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Non dimenticarti di visitare Dal 18 Settembre, debutterà il nostro nuovo sito web al solito URL
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IAA 2018 Are you ready for our IOT? IAA 2018 Countdown
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IAA 2018 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles Hannover