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fuel anti-theft device

When an effective technology becomes a System

Almost 10 years after Kockon started gaining valuable feedback from its loyal base of users, the need to manage fuel underwent a substantial evolution, generating demand for additional functionality both on board and on land. Furthermore, the extended geographic scope of the GENESIS project provided the need for bespoke solutions, each of which took into account the specificity of each individual market. The GENESIS answer to this revised context and evolution of needs was MACH II, a system made of modules which, in different combinations provide a series of solutions to diverse conditions, dictated by both the vehicle conformation and the nature of the specific requirements of the fleet owner/manager.

Our Mach II ready made offering has reduced complexity by providing a range of devices which are already configured to suit some of the most common situations found in the field.  All products, nevertheless, are upgradable at a later date, as the technology of the sector evolves and the needs of the user base transform.