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1      Management commitments

The Management is committed to providing the human and instrumental resources to create and maintain an integrated management system: for quality - according to ISO 9001:2015 - for health and safety at work - inspired by the principles of ISO 45001 - and for the environment.

2      Our guiding principles

Focus on customers and customer needs, offering an overall valuable “user experience".

Leadership orientation, integrating quality management, health and safety concerns and environmental consciousness in the business process.

Active participation of all people with training and information actions, involving each member of the company in establishing and achieving common goals and promoting everyone's awareness on the effectiveness of their contribution.

Process based approach, identifying, planning and measuring process and interactions.

Continuous improvement in product quality and service quality, in well being provided by the work environment and in relations with external partners, limiting environmental impact, preventing injuries in the workplace and occupational hazards, promoting every direct action to contain and eliminate significant risks for health and safety in the workplace.

Measuring evidence, basing decision-making strategies on pre-established measurement criteria of objective data related to the processes to be monitored, also considering accidents and near misses in what concerns injuries in the workplace.

Attention to each stakeholder, knowing that human interaction is at the base of a functional organization and that people are the companies’ most valuable assets, we establish and maintain high quality relations with both internal staff and external partners, the neighborhood and institutions.

Compliance for legality, a commitment in respecting laws and standards of product, on quality, on health and safety in the workplace and the environment.

Risk prevention, evaluating the exposure of the company and staff in relation to environmental and social factors and for each activity and/or process to adopt solutions able to prevent near misses, accidents and occupational hazards.

Effective communication, making the objectives of the system known to all those concerned, including programmed implementation of the same.

Policy update, a commitment to review policy periodically, the objectives and the integrated system, the risk man-agement policy and the evaluations in annex, verifying their coherence and adequacy, based on the monitored results.

3      Why LagoGenesis

Lagogenesis promotes an open and inclusive corporate culture, based on the analysis of the error, an inevitable side effect of the action. Finding, analyzing, and resolving the error is the method to improve that only the integrity of a close-knit team allows to acquire. We are the starting point, with our qualities and defects. The arrival point is the social system we operate in, which we want to be better.

4      VISION

Knowledge of phenomena allows to make conscious choices.

We all need to know how resources are consumed to consciously decide what rules, habits and attitudes to adopt. For a better future.

5      MISSION

We collect data and turn it into information.

We are focused on fuel: we protect it, measure it and analyze consumption. To allow customer to take the best possible decisions.

6      Our motto, our style

Forging the Future

-       We respect rules.

-       We practice an always active listening.

-       We share difficulties and successes.

-       We pursue continuous improvement.

-       We change the rules.

In short, it is a virtuous cycle that we are committed to nurturing and that we hope to inspire in our interlocutors. People who work in, with and for Lagogenesis want to demonstrate their integrity every day, not meant as strict morality but rather as serene flexibility, in order to always carry out our task in the best possible way, given the circumstances.