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LagoGensis is an engaged team of people that share values and common vision, a desire to make a difference by creating quality relationships both internally and towards external partners.

 LagoGenesis has assimilated the ISO principles on quality, health and safety and environment:

1.     Focus on customers and customer needs, offering an overall valuable “user experience"

2.     Leadership, integrating quality management, health and safety concerns and environmental consciousness in the business process.

3.     Active participation of all people concerned in establishing and reaching the same objectives, and promoting awareness on the effectiveness of the contribution of each member to the overall system, each for their own role, also recurring to training and information.

4.     Process based approach, identifying, planning and measuring process and interactions.

5.     Applying constant improvement in product quality and service quality, in well being provided by the work environment and in relations with external partners, limiting environmental impact, preventing injuries in the workplace and occupational hazards, promoting every direct action to contain and eliminate significant risks for health and safety in the workplace.

6.     Decisions based on evidence, creating strategies and establishing objectives which are based on objective data which emerges from the monitoring of process which also take into account incidents and near misses in what concerns injuries in the workplace.

7.     Managing of relations with all parties involved, knowing that human interaction is at the base of a functional organization and that people are the companies’ most valuable asset.  LagoGENESIS is committed to creating high quality relations with both internal staff and external partners, the neighborhood and institutions.

8.     A commitment in respecting laws and standards of product, on quality, on health and safety in the workplace and the environment.

9.     Preliminary analysis of risks to which personnel is exposed in fulfilling duty through each activity and process, as to adopt solutions which are able to prevent accidents, illness and occupational hazards.

10.  A commitment to make the objectives of the system known to all those concerned, including programmed implementation of the same.

11.  A commitment to review policy periodically, the objectives and the integrated system, the risk management policy and the evaluations in annex, verifying their coherence and adequacy, based on the monitored results.

To achieve this, management is committed in providing human resources and tools to create and maintain a system for quality according to ISO 9001 standards and inspired by principles of the ISO45001 standard on health and safety in the workplace.