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Sistema di protezione globale del serbatoio carburante con antifurto integrato

ZIPPER PLUS, l'ammiraglia della nostra gamma di prodotti combina i benefici di Kockòn e di Zipper in un singolo prodotto integrato, contraddistinto dall'estrema facilità d'uso.

I benefici possono essere riassunti come segue:
- Sicurezza. Zipper garantisce un serbatoio sempre chiuso.
- Controllo. Zipper “comunica” con sistemi di geolocalizzazione.
- Integrazione. Zipper invia segnali di riconoscimento per operazioni elettroniche.
- Protezione completa grazie alla sua particolare conformazione /geometria.
- Flusso agevolato del carburante grazie alle sezioni idrodinamiche appositamente studiate.
- Facilità di installazione grazie al sistema di doppia ghiera di montaggio coperta da brevetto internazionale.

(*= non disponibili pre-configurati)


Zipper Plus provides COMPLETE PROTECTION thanks to the internal geometry which generates the absence of passageways of any significant dimension, inhibiting insertion of any form of syphoning device into the tank. 

FAST FILLING AND NO REFLUX. During filling, the internal fluid dynamic path provided for the fuel drastically reduces fluid turbulence, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted high volume flow which leverages the surface tension characteristics of fuel as it flows along the walls of the device into the tank.

FAST and FUSS FREE INSTALLATION. Zipper Plus is installed in just a few seconds, without mechanical modifications thanks to it`s Gravity Based Double Bayonet system. Once Zipper Plus is rotated into position using a simple common tool, no further fastening, screws, rivets, adhesives, gaskets or other additional materials are needed.

In this premium top of the range product, these consolidated Kockòn fuel protection features are crowned by Zipper fuel cap technology.

As a prover of SECURITY, Zipper Plus guarantees that the fuel tank is always closed when a refill pistol is not inserted into the tank, therefore replacing the tradition fuel cap. The sliding, spring loaded cap quickly returns to it`s closed position as soon as the pistol neck is extracted after refilling operations have taken place. This feature ensures there is no spillage of fuel during travel or even in the in-adverted case of the vehicle leaving it`s upright position.

CONTROL is delegated to Zipper Plus`s on board electronics and intelligent firmware. It is possible for Zipper Plus to warn a local or remote operator of any operations involving opening, closing or refilling, the characteristics of which could indicate un authorized tampering involving the fuel tank or fuel theft activities. Such benefits are achieved by interfacing Zipper Plus as a periferal device to the onboard GPS localising hardware. Zipper Plus adopts industry standard radio frequency, making it compatible with other fuel management systems such as our Fuel Controller, dedicated to monitoring the tank fuel content.



Transform-ABLE is a characteristic that allows GENSIS high precision devices to be combined with innovative complements, either at time of installation or later, as the GENESIS technology evolves and integrates new functions. At time of initial installation or any time later, your GENESIS fuel management system can be personalized or updated to adapt to evolving needs which are dictated by operational requirements or to simply adapt to the technological infrastructure which is available on the vehicle itself.